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2015 E公司 血海 Bleed by Perseus Arkomanis

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【教学名称】:Bleed by Perseus Arkomanis
【 具需求】:不需要
The Greek God, Perseus Arkomanis is back.

Bleed lets you personify playing cards and shock your audience with a demonstration of how pain can change things.

The spectator selects a card, and loses it into the deck. The magician finds a similar card, but it's not quite right.

A sharp stab through the heart, and the card starts to visually trickle blood.

When it's turned around, the extra pip has bled-away, changing it violently into the spectator's chosen card.

From the man who brought you the best-selling effects Weak and Greek Switch, Perseus kills without remorse to breathe new life into your card magic.

Download BLEED today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate 
Duration: 25 Minutes
标签:公司  血海  

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