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2015 DD出品 纸牌手法 Diagonal Palm Shift by Ricky Smith

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【教学名称】:Diagonal Palm Shift by Ricky Smith
【影片介绍】:详细的介绍了DPS的做法,很多人认为DPS并不适用于魔术流程中,但ricky对DPS进行相当程度的拓展,值得一看。其实DPS最早出现在纸牌圣经中,已经是相当“古老”的手法了,前面也有好几部视频教学(Jason England 、Alex Pandrea等),内容应该说是大同小异。不过这次教学的是ricky smith,与DD的关系十分密切,手法也是十分变态加优雅。网络上关于他的视频少之又少,所以这次难得有这么长时间的教学视频,推荐大家观摩观摩。

First published in 1902 by S.W. Erdnase, the Diagonal Palm Shift - a secret maneuver for bottom palming a selected card placed into the middle of the deck - is explained in detail by one of this generations most beloved sleight of hand artists, Ricky Smith.

Although he would argue otherwise, we think Ricky does the move better than anyone and could not be more pleased with this exposé on one of our favourite sleight of hand techniques.

In addition to the video tutorial we’ve included a copy of the original write-up which we suggest reading first. It’s only three pages so won’t take long. The video itself is nearly an hour and features an extremely detailed explanation from multiple angles along with guidance towards finding a plethora of variations and tricks from magicians such as John Carney, Dai Vernon, Bill Kalush, Paul Chosse and David Ben to name a few.
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