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2014 E公司出品 硬币戒指 Coin Ring Thing by Dan Hauss

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2014 E公司出品 硬币戒指 Coin Ring Thing by Dan Hauss

One of the most creative magicians to come along in ten years, Dan Hauss brings his magic back to Ellusionist not with one trick - but six absolutely incredible effects that make spectators go wild. 
In Dan’s hands, reality just seems to melt away. A finger can penetrate a solid coin as it somehow changes into a ring. A ring held in the palm can fuse onto your finger in a split second. A coin held at the fingers transforms into a ring with just a shake. 
This is beautiful sleight of hand that has spectators doing double takes at every turn. Hauss teaches manipulation of coins and rings to the point where they become one and the same - both impossible objects. By the end of his routine even you will believe coins are not solid and rings can pass through objects. 
Powerful enough to be sold on their own, Hauss has taken the time to segue cleanly and smoothly between each effect, creating a flexible yet thought-out routine. Shot from multiple angles with solid teaching, you’ll be performing Coin Ring Thing in minutes. 

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