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2014 P3出品 公开的预言 Open by Marcus Eddie魔术教学最新最强

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2014 P3出品 公开的预言 Open by Marcus Eddie


Predict a FREELY AND OPENLY chosen card. Immediately reveal your prediction which has been in view the whole time!
"OPEN is a great idea with boundless potential for effects. Very smartly handled." -Jon Armstrong
"I LOVED Marcus Eddie's OPEN. It's a very good effect with a very good method." -Daryl
"When he showed the prep, I thought, 'How the heck will this let you do that effect?' I smiled when he started explaining it. Very clever." -Cameron Francis
"I love Open Predictions and "OPEN" will be one of my favorites from now on! It's smart, clear, and easy to do. The handling is so natural that he fooled me the 3 times that I repeated the trailer. OPEN is this kind of effect that I want to perform in my next show." -Marcelo "Tango" Insau
"SUPER Clever...I really like the way Marcus thinks." -Greg Rostami
"Nice. This is a cleverly twisted method for the classic open-prediction card effect. The method's as cool as the trick!" -Francis Menotti
"OPEN is my type of effect so it was a pleasure to be able to view it and I am sure ill be using it myself." -Dominic Daly
A BLUE card is rubber banded on the outside of a RED card box. This is your prediction card.
A card is then FREELY chosen (or even just named!) from the RED deck. Let's say it's the three of spades. The deck is now placed back into the box and the BLUE prediction card is very fairly and openly removed. Miraculously, that one BLUE card is the THREE OF SPADES.
VERY EASY to learn
No table required (Perfect For strolling)
Marcus has eliminated complicated moves and distracting handlings in this ultra-direct, hard hitting holy grail of card magic.
With the "OPEN" method, you can perform this effect with a fairness that has never been seen before.

People will swear that you truly predicted their thought-of card.

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