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2013 T11 耳机线扯断还原效果 ReCord by Rick Lax 近景魔术教学

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2013 T11 耳机线扯断还原效果 ReCord by Rick Lax



STRETCH a pair of headphones like chewing gum. VISUALLY and AUDIBLY tear the cord in two. Then restore it before your spectator's eyes.

An intimate effect with an ordinary object. No Setup. No Extra Pieces.

The effect is simple, once you know the secret. No fancy setup, no extra pieces. Instant reset. Over 20 minutes of Rick's signature clear-spoken instruction—no detail is left untouched. Visual. Clean. Practical.

A Miracle at a Moment's Notice.

It’s not a trick you’ll always carry with you - it’s a trick you ALREADY carry with you. Or take it a step further and borrow your friend’s headphones. And prepare to amaze.

* An intimate effect designed for an intimate crowd. Control your angles.

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