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CARD WEAPONS by Ben Salinas 扑克魔术

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Ben Salinas' confidence, netbined with the right card moves, makes this DVD a must have. Ben will teach you all of these incredible effects and give you the confidence that you need to perform these card moves. This DVD is loaded with amazing secret card moves...Card Weapons includes: DJ Shift, Marlo Miracle Switch, Reverse Hermann Pass, RW Spread Pass, Vernon Dribble Force, Depth Illusion, Push Off-2 Cards, Push Off-1 Card, Spread Double Lift, Pinky Count, Lorayne Double Lift, Thumb Count, Derek Dingle Double Lift, Strike Double Lift, Twirling Double, Say When Pass, Hindu Shuffle, Paintbrush Change, Swing Cut, One Handed Top Palm, Hip Shot, Flutter Change, and Bonus: Ambitious Card Routine.

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